Stash Cash Account

  • What is a Stash Cash account?

    It’s a special term deposit account that helps you build your savings while giving you a chance to win monthly and quarterly cash prizes! Every $25 deposit into this account gets you a chance to win. Plus, all the money deposited into your Stash Cash account is still yours and helps to build your savings. What’s not to like?

  • How do I open an account?

    You can open a Stash Cash account by visiting either of our convenient branch locations. You can even set up direct deposit or scheduled transfers to increase your chance to win, plus make deposits online via mobile banking.

  • What are the prizes?

    Each $25 deposit gives you a chance to win a monthly prize of up to $25.00.
    Each $25 deposit give you a chance to win a quarterly prize of up to $250.00.
    Each $25 deposit gives you a chance to win an annual prize of up to $500.00.

  • What are the requirements to open a Stash Cash account?

    Must be 18 years of age or older.*
    A Riverside Federal Credit Union member with accounts in good standing.
    One Stash Cash account per member.
    Business and Trust accounts are not eligible for this account.

    *Anyone under the age of 18 may open an account, but will not be eligible to enter for any prize drawings as per New York State law.
  • What is a term deposit account?

    A term deposit account is a special savings account. You earn a specified dividend if the term deposit account is held for the full term; in the case of a Stash Cash account, the term is 12 months.

  • What is the dividend rate?

    The Annual Percentage Yield is 0.65%.

  • Why should I open a Stash Cash account?

    This is a no-brainer – you can win monthly and quarterly prizes and with regular deposits into your Stash Cash account, you are guaranteed to have money saved at the end of the year.


Read the Official Rules here.
Read the Truth in Savings Disclosure here.